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BIERNIKE is specialized in environmental protection and water paint research and development, production and sales of environmental technology companies. 
All products with water as a diluent, non-toxic, tasteless, can construction in a confined environment, will not pollute the surrounding environment. Not blasting, easy to transport. Products using German technology and raw materials as well as the excellent cooperation with domestic water paint resin manufacturers, high-technology research and development personnel, and constantly introduced to the market of new products. Bill Nick import and export products can be widely used in water based paints require a higher environmental protection, machinery and equipment manufacturing, steel corrosion and rust, metal surface decoration, cement floor, wall painting, etc.

biernike water paint, steel protection experts, environmental philosophy, deliver health with love! 

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Main Products:Water  paint  steel  water-based  paint,  waterborne  antirust  paint  water-based  epoxy  zinc  rich  primer  of  waterborne  polyurethane  paint  water  high  temperature  paint  water-based  epoxy  floor  paint 


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