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Product Detail

Waterborne epoxy floor paint


The composition of the product

Waterborne epoxy resin, organic green paint, deionized water, additives, curing agent and other two components.

Performance and usage

Color stability, high surface hardness, good water resistance, corrosion resistance,good corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance to erosion,easy cleaning, can according to the requirements of the configuration of variouscolors.

No harmful solvent benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful three, water environmental protection, taking water as the dispersion medium, non flammable,storage, has good security in the process of transportation and use.

The supporting system of floor is mainly used in electronic, dust cleaning requirementof precision instruments, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries workshop,laboratory, computer room, detection station, garage, large standard workshop floor anticorrosion and decoration. Construction is applicable to the basement of a wet environment.

No solvent volatilization, no harm to the construction personnel and the environment

Long term heat up to 200 degrees

The film has a long-term weather resistance, water resistance, salt water resistance,resistance to various oil immersion, have a strong ability to resist various strongsolvent.

Technical indicators

The volume of solid content:55% fineness: less than or equal to 30

Table dry: 1H: 24h: practical adhesion of not more than 1

Impact strength: not less than 50kg/cm2 flexibility: not more than 1mm

Description of construction

Suitable apply: has no oil stain and dust of the ground treatment

Surface requirement: moisture content below 17%

Construction method: scratch, roll coating

The environmental conditions of temperature: 15-30 degrees

Theoretical spreading rate: 4-6 square meters

Cooking time: 30 minutes (25 degrees)

Table dry: 2 hours

Application period: 4 hours (25 degrees)

Action: 24 hours

The recoating time: 24 hours (25 degrees)

Fully cured: 7 days

Construction temperature must be higher than 5 degrees, frost to prohibit construction

2 hours of effective construction period

Two component proportion suitable for main paint: curing agent =5:1

Storage method

Storage container sealed opaque in 100%

Stored in a cool dry place of indoor 5-30

High temperature or exposure circumstance will seriously reduce the shelf life

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