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Product Detail

Quick drying water-based antirust primer


The composition of the product

Composition of main component consists of waterborne epoxy resin, antirust pigment,deionized water. This product is made using the latest technology, used for steel anti rust primer and no zinc coating primer, is environment friendly alkyd antirust primersubstitute harmful solvent, no three benzene, formaldehyde, water environmental protection non-toxic.

Performance and usage

This product is normal temperature drying, even paint film, strong hiding power, on the substrate and topcoat has the role of connecting, good anti rust ability is suitable for use in machinery, equipment, vehicles, steel structure bottom antirust paint.

Technical data

Color: gray and iron red

One component

Volume solids: 60%

Proportion: 1.4g/ml

Coating thickness of dry film: 30-5pum/ wet film 52-85um/

The theory of 0.075 kg / m2 /30um coating rate

The actual coating rate according to various factors of steel structure construction conditions, the complex degree and weather conditions make

Coating note

1, the steel surface must be clean and dry, in addition to stitch after pretreatment can spraying construction;

2, use the former to be fully stirred;

3, it is recommended to use this product coating, in order to ensure construction quality

4 and add the solvent does not exceed 20%

Surface treatment

Before use, all surfaces to be coated in accordance with ISO standards for theassessment and treatment, such as grease, application of solvent cleaning to the SSPC-SP1 standard, blast cleaning to Sa2.5 level or power tool cleaning to class SA3,remove dust and dirt to keep clean and dry.

Description of construction

Construction temperature must be higher than 5 degrees, frost to prohibit construction

High pressure airless spray, air spray, brush and roller

Dilute with water does not exceed 20%

The tool run out was rinsed with water, dried paint film with special cleaning agent

Storage method

Storage container sealed opaque in 100%

Stored in a cool dry place of indoor 5-30

High temperature or exposure circumstance will seriously reduce the shelf life

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