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Product Detail

Water-based acrylic paint


The composition of the product

Is mainly composed of water-soluble acrylic resin, pigment, environment-friendly mailcomposition of deionized water, additives.

Performance and usage

The film in normal temperature drying, has good weather resistance, gloss retention,color retention, resistance to general atmospheric corrosion environment, not suitable for immersion environment, convenient construction, good performance of coating weight.

To have been coated base material of aluminum alloy, steel, cement and othersurface, can be used for bridges, power plants, municipal engineering, pipeline and tank, mechanical equipment, steel structure, grid decorative and protective layer.

Physical parameters

Color colors

Luster light and sub gloss

The viscosity of 150-180 seconds

The film thickness of dry film 35 micron / road

The theory of coating weight of about 1.6 square meters / kg, the actual amountaffected by the coating material structure, surface state, coating method, constructionenvironment loss factor, is usually higher than the theoretical amount of coating30%-80%.

Technical indicators

The fineness of 25-30um flexibility 1-2mm adhesion 2 "level

Water resistance of 144H coating surface treatment of salt fog 300-500 hours

Surface treatment

Before use, all surfaces to be coated in accordance with ISO standards for theassessment and treatment, such as grease, application of solvent cleaning to the SSPC-5P1 standard, blast cleaning to Sa2.5 level or power tool cleaning to class Sa3,remove dust and dirt to keep clean and dry.

Description of construction

Construction temperature must be higher than 5 degrees, frost to prohibit construction

High pressure airless spray, air spray, brush and roller

Dilute with water does not exceed 20%

The tool run out was rinsed with water, dried paint film with special cleaning agent

Storage method

Storage container sealed opaque in 100%

Stored in a cool dry place of indoor 5-30

High temperature or exposure circumstance will seriously reduce the shelf life

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