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Product Detail

Waterborne epoxy zinc rich primer


The composition of the product

Waterborne epoxy resin, zinc powder, epoxy curing agent of two-componentcomposition.

Performance and usage

Waterborne epoxy zinc rich primer is epoxy resin, ethyl silicate, zinc powder vinegar as the main raw material, special water coating thickening agent, additives, water, long-lasting anti-corrosion primer is suitable for various kinds of steel members, isespecially suitable for the oil tank, oil, solvents, inner wall of the heat exchanger and the internal and external wall of water next, the underground pipeline.

Particularly suitable for long-term anticorrosion primer in severe corrosion environment in. Zinc containing high dry film star, with electrochemical protection performance, excellent paint film hardness, resistance to shock. Film water resistance,salt fog resistance and heat resistance.

Suitable for long-term anticorrosion power plant, sewage treatment plant, municipal,transportation, oil, chemical plants, oil tank, rack, steel structure coating, especiallylong-term corrosion in marine environment, such as marine engineering and marine coating.

No solvent volatilization, no harm to the construction personnel and the environment

Long term heat up to 200 degrees

The film has a long-term weather resistance, water resistance, salt water resistance,resistance to various oil immersion, have a strong ability to resist various strongsolvent.

Good welding performance, antistatic.

Technical parameters

Color: gray solid zinc: dry film thickness greater than 70% microns: 50-80

Theoretical spreading rate: 4.3 square meters / kg

Table dry 30min hard 24h (substrate temperature of 25 degrees)

Table dry 45min hard 36h (substrate temperature of 15 degrees)

Weight: about 3 kg / L

Technical indicators

The fineness of < 60 flexibility "2mm adhesion 1 grade the impact resistance of 50cm

Water resistance of 144H alkali resistance of 10%NaOH solution, 72h

The salt fog spraying coating at room temperature two 500h 60 micron to 70 degreesbake open salt spray 800H

2 hours of effective construction period

Two component for the main paint curing agent ratio: =6: 1

In 30 minutes the curing time

The application period of 23 degrees in less than 6 hours, the higher the temperatureof grinding humidity is big, the application period is shorter

Surface treatment

Before use, all surfaces to be coated in accordance with ISO standards for theassessment and treatment, such as grease, application of solvent cleaning to the SSPC-5P1 standard, blast cleaning to Sa2.5 level or power tool cleaning to class Sa3,remove dust and dirt to keep clean and dry.

Description of construction

Construction temperature must be higher than 5 degrees, frost to prohibit construction

High pressure airless spray, air spray, brush and roller

Dilute with water does not exceed 20%

The tool run out was rinsed with water, dried paint film with special cleaning agent

Storage method

Storage container sealed opaque in 100%

Stored in a cool dry place of indoor 5-30

High temperature or exposure circumstance will seriously reduce the shelf life

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