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Product Detail

Water soluble amino baking paint


The composition of the product

The composition of water-soluble acrylic resin, amino resin, water environmental protection organic pigment, deionized water, additives.

Performance and usage

Film the appearance of plump, bright color, high gloss, good mechanical strength,gloss retention, color retention, weathering resistance, chemical corrosion resistance.Dilution by water, is a new environmental protection product.

It is suitable for automobile, bicycle, electric fan, refrigerator, air conditioner,instrumentation, mechanical equipment, metal surface decoration.

Technical parameters

''''0 level'''' 3H hardness and adhesion

Tolerance of alcohol wipe "200 times (500g)

Acid proof alkaline ''''24h

No abnormal resistance to salt spray (5%NaCl) ''''200H

The appearance of particle free, transparent, plump and smooth

Luster is equal to or greater than 93 degrees (60 degrees)

Solid content (%) of light oil (27 + 2) paint (33 + 2)

Viscosity Tu -4 cup, 25 degrees

Construction method

The main paint directly diluted with tap water to use viscosity, open oil paint: waterratio is =1:0.2 ~ 0.5 (recommended viscosity for 16-20 seconds, Tu -4 cup) mixing evenly with 120-300 mesh filter cloth filter, electrostatic discharge 5-15 minutes after the disappearance of foam can be used;

Can use the spray, brush, dip coating and other construction method;

Before the construction of metal material surface cleaning: cleaning metal surface with detergent, then rinse thoroughly clear metal surface stains, clean metal surface drying;

Clean air compressor and pipeline to ensure the spray gun is clean, big gun in 20-30cm, a small gun in 15-25cm. Spraying pressure should be in 0.3-0.8 (about 3-8kg/cm2) gun modulation to the appropriate output of oil and gas output to ensureuniform atomization;

When spraying note sprayed evenly, not sagging, webbing, no leakage of spray,spray after natural flow leveling 3-5 minutes, to avoid too produce baking bubbles,pinhole, orange peel and other ills;

Baking time: This product needs in 150 ~ 180 degrees bake 15-30 minutes into thefilm, can make the film to achieve the performance requirements of customers, such as low temperature will decrease its various properties, such as high temperature led to the pigment color. Therefore in the baking prior to baking equipment to verify the accuracy of temperature.

The matters needing attention

The film is dry before painting material to avoid cleaning the bathroom;

This product is a water paint can not be used mixed with other oil paint;

Paint after long-term storage, possibly a slight precipitation should be mixed fullybefore use, to avoid the phenomenon of uneven color error or;

Do a lot of coating should be dry after 15 minutes of /25 degrees at room temperatureor low temperature baking time (finger touch the bottom layer is not sticky) can besecond times of construction;

Construction paint if contact with eyes should immediately rinse with water, if necessary, should go to the hospital.

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