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Product Detail

Waterborne epoxy primer


The composition of the product

Waterborne epoxy resin curing agent, deionized water, double components.

Performance and usage

Has the permeability of concrete surface, greatly improve the concrete surfacestrength. The alkali resistance of concrete surface, good good adaptability, bonding strength and concrete base is very high. Can effectively resist water vapor caused bypressure.

Sealer is suitable for masonry concrete structure, but also can be used for spraying zinc, aluminum spray closed and inorganic zinc rich coating closed.

1, no solvent volatilization, no harm to the construction personnel and theenvironment

2, the long-term heat up to 200 degrees

3, paint with long-term weather resistance, water resistance, salt water resistance,resistance to various oil immersion, have a strong ability to resist all kinds of strongsolvents, super permeability.

Physical parameters

Color: transparent yellowish volume solid content:42%

Proportion: 0.95g/ml film thickness standard: dry film 30 micron / road

Based on /kg: about 10 square meters, the actual amount affected by the coatingmaterial structure, surface state, coating method, construction environment loss factor, is usually higher than the theoretical amount of coating 30%-80%.

Technical indicators

The film appearance and color: transparent coating, even paint film flexibility "2mm

The adhesion of Mpa impact resistance 50cm.

Water resistance: 144H, no bubble, no shedding, no rust

Alkali resistant: 10%NaOH solution, 72h no bubble, no shedding, no rust

Salt water resistance: 144H no bubble, no shedding, no rust

Surface treatment

Sanding concave part, cleaning dust, oil stains wipe clean with cleaning agent can be used for scraping.

Description of construction

Construction temperature must be higher than 5 degrees, frost to prohibit construction

2 hours of effective construction period

Two component for the main paint curing agent ratio: =6: 1

In 30 minutes the curing time

The application period of 23 degrees in less than 6 hours, the higher the temperatureof grinding humidity is big, the application period is shorter

Dilute with water does not exceed 20%

The tool run out was rinsed with water, dried paint film with special cleaning agent

Storage method

Storage container sealed opaque in 100%

Stored in a cool dry place of indoor 5-30

High temperature or exposure circumstance will seriously reduce the shelf life

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