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The traditional paint or will be integrated green coating industry welcomes the opportunity

The traditional paint consumption tax policy will be introduced, the pollution of the environment, toxic traditional paint will face the industry integration. Governance in the atmosphere of the inverted and policy support, waterborne coatings and other environmentally friendly coatings will usher in rapid development opportunities. 
      Chinese Academy of Engineering Jin Yong academician also said, water-based paint, paint and other environmental accords with the development trend of international science and technology, will become the substitute of traditional paint upgrade, to lead the new pattern of green coating. In the new law of environmental protection requirements, polluting enterprises punishment will not limit the traditional paint, organic volatile brings, become the focus of the field. 
     At present, China''s annual output of nearly 13000000 tons of paint, environmentally friendly paint use rate of less than 50%, while the developed countries in Europe and America is 70%-80%. From the application category, accounting for 45% of the coatings market for architectural decorative coating, basic for environmentally friendly coatings, waterborne accounted for more than 90%, about 8% of powder coatings. In addition, nearly 50% of the market for solvent based paint, volatile formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, a greater impact on the environment. 
     Judging from the foreign market, because the paint used in the production of a damaging effect on the environment, the traditional paint disable already in Europe and America market. The European Union since January 1, 2004, has been fully banned production and sale of solvent based paint in the European Union, to water paint. The United States also limit in 2004 China paint furniture to enter the American market. Paint is water as diluent, does not contain toxic chemical substances, the comprehensive promotion, will alleviate the air pollution sources and improve environmental governance. 
      According to the building materials network calculation, paint consumption tax policy, will give the traditional paint industry average margin of 5-10% horizontal pressure, while for the water paint production enterprises, is the indirect powerful policy support. In addition, our country since the January 1, 2012 implementation of the "passenger vehicle production enterprises and products access management rules", "coat and top coat should be used in waterborne automotive paint" is explicitly included in the "passenger car production enterprises access conditions and review requirements", waterborne coatings VOC emissions than oil paint lower 60%-70%, obvious environmental protection benefit.

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