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Aqueous coating technology will be implemented in July 1st

Nowadays, in promote environmental policy, waterborne coatings have become the main force in the development of coating industry in china. To promote the development of water-based paint fast, the national environmental protection ministryrecently issued on the water paint environmental mark product technicalrequirements, the technical requirements for the formal implementation in July 1, 2014.

       To implement the "the people''''s Republic of China Environmental Protection Law",reduce the paint in the process of production and use on the environment and human health effects, Protect environment, the development of this standard. It for 10 years before the HJ/T201 2005 standard has been revised. This standard stipulated in architectural coatings and industrial coatings, harmful substances in all applicationsfor environmental labeling products including container coatings, wood coatings,traffic coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, road marking paint limited, such as volatile organic compounds VOC and formaldehyde. The standard of "technical requirements for environmental labeling products water-based paint" (HJ/T201 - 2005) were revised, the main changes are as follows: adjust the scope of the standard; the adjustment not artificially added substances requirements:  increased requirements limited B two ethers and esters; improve the limited demand for volatile organic compounds; improve the requirement of benzene, toluene, xylene, limit the total amount of ethylbenzene.

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