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Water-based paint coatings market glut oneself with delicacies phagocytosis

The deterioration of the environment, climate anomalies, to the lives of people sounded the alarm, low carbon life be imperative, make "green living fashion" popular. But more people to stay in their own green life, this is what we call the "pseudo environment, small environment". Ferris exterior paint advocate big environmental protection life principle, concerned about the home life of environmental protection, more concerned about the issue of the protection of the overall living environment, the ecological environment of the earth. 
"Pseudo environmentalist", this is the recent popular culture term, refers to those who only care about their own, do and have environmental protection behavior is vital to the immediate interests of the. Such a statement is extreme, but also pointed out that the emergence of environmental awareness China consumer problem. 
With the deterioration of the environment, social lifestyle guide, people in constant pursuit of "green, environmental protection, low carbon" way of life. These people are called "LOHAS", "the first letter of LOHAS" English word form "LOHAS" the new vocabulary, literal translation is healthy and sustainable way of life. 
    The "healthy and sustainable way of life" more reflected in the consumers of home environmental protection coating for inner wall decoration, the selection of a variety of environmental protection type, paint companies have also launched the "health paint", "pregnant women paint", "children paint" concepts products, furniture also choose natural materials, green products and so on. But for most people, they like the previously mentioned, only care about the vital interests and their own things. Just as some time ago Tang Jun degree door events, in USA, he should resign, 100 person has only one values: honesty; in Japan, he will apologize, 100 person has only one value: play; in China, he would quibble, 100 person has 100 values: what''s the relationship with his you? 
    In China most people exist such psychological, to paint for exterior wall as an example, the same as the paint, exterior wall paint brush in the exterior wall of the building, the ring is not environmental protection seems to be living in the house were not what impact, not realising that the environmental health of the small home built on the living environment and even the earth environmental protection. Environmental health concern person, small home, must pay attention to the living environment and the earth environmental protection, this is the implementation of the large Ferris wall environmentalism. 
Exterior wall paint carry out the environmentalist 
1, building external wall decoration materials environmental ism 
The use of environmentally friendly coatings for interior wall decoration in the family, reduce the release of hazardous substances, these are small the concept of environmental protection. And systematic environmental philosophy, in addition to the environmental protection concept of various types usually familiar with the sustainable development of ecological environment, also includes regional or global in scope, and human activities in the production and life in society through a variety of ways to reduce the harmful effects on the natural environment. 
In the field of home, involves large environmental protection link mainly include: access to raw materials adopt the sustainable development means, but can not bring the predatory natural resources damage; the production process with the energy saving means the use of various resources, such as water and electric, and can be recycled; all kinds of packaging materials using recycled materials; the final product is friendly to the human body and the natural environment; the final product can be recycled waste. In building external wall decoration materials, wall paint is energy saving and environmental protection products, internationally recognized no pollution, no damage to ecological, does not produce waste, construction waste and other. And the stone mining is to destroy the ecological environment, and the influence of; glass curtain wall to produce the serious light pollution in the summer, the impact of urban climate environment and people''s living comfort. The current state of building energy-saving insulation very seriously, and the thermal insulation system of exterior wall coatings is supporting decorative materials, other materials because of heavy weight, poor safety factor and not recommended. 
A tall pointed out that, in Germany, Holland and other European countries, is the rise of a large number of has strong environmental awareness of consumers, if people found a home product raw material acquisition and destroy the environment, or find the production process pollutes the environment or spend time large amounts of energy, people will resist this product, and then make every manufacturers try to improve environmental standards. In order to Ferris exterior wall coating as an example, from the environmental protection sex selection, formulation of raw materials, production, finished product inspection control, insist on low energy consumption, low pollution, low emission principle, the products produced with the energy-saving emission reduction and low carbon requirements. 
2, low carbon, low emissions, low pollution environmental protection coating for exterior wall extension of 
Environmental experts believe that the paint is a modern society in the second major sources of pollution, the emergence of environmental protection coating is undoubtedly the guarantee of health. The so-called green paint, is able to environmental protection coating, has the characteristics of non-toxic, no smell, can inhibit the growth of fungi. Inner wall paint to environmental protection, exterior wall paint more to environmental protection, exterior wall paint in addition to decoration, to strengthen the external wall of a building and environment-friendly exterior wall coating with low emission, low pollution, low carbon, won''t affect the ecological environment to. Exterior wall coating is becoming more and its characteristics of fresh and elegant, non-toxic and tasteless, safety and economy increasingly favored by the majority of users. 
At present in the exterior wall coatings in China has been in the promotion and use, but the penetration rate is very low, but in the developed countries, the exterior wall decoration is the most used paint for exterior wall. Almost all Western European countries for exterior wall coating decoration, in the United States, 70% of the exterior wall of the building is decorated with a coating; Singapore residential building external wall has more than 85% of the use of paint decoration. The use of a large number of external wall not only in developed regions in Europe and America, Japan etc.

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