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The development of the world coatings demand like a raging fire

Investigation report America consulting company Freedonia group said, the world paint & Coatings demand is expected to increase at an annual rate of 3.7%, by 2005 the annual demand will exceed 28000000 tons. The construction industry (especially residential construction) will remain the largest user terminal market and paint coating. 
Freedonia group pointed out, from the geographical distribution, the most rapidly growing is the development of emerging markets, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Latin America and Eastern Europe''s growth rate has exceeded the average level. Within Asia, Chinese is one of the most important growth point, India, South Korea and Taiwan area China potential can not be ignored. 
World coatings demand development in full swing 
World coatings demand development in full swing 
As for the Japanese market, generally speaking the expected growth rate is lower than the average level, but the paint market is expected to continue to fall over the past 10 years to reverse the trend. According to experts, the European paint, printing ink and paint industry director general Jean Schoder says the Council, Eastern coatings market annual growth rate of around 8%. 
He also pointed out that the Eastern European countries there are still considerable development potential, such as Poland paint consumption per capita meter every year only 8 kg, while the EU average of 16 kg. 
According to the imperial flower paint understanding, by contrast, North America and Japan coatings market in Western Europe, have been mature, competition is very intense. It is estimated that the average annual growth rate of the paint industry in these areas is about 2 ~ 3%. North America and Western Europe will continue to occupy more than half of global demand. The future growth rate of North America will partially fill the gap. In order to enhance in the mature markets of the profit ability, the paint and coatings companies must pay more efforts

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