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Biernike: anti-corrosion coatings have a brilliant future

Along with the development of our national economy, countries continue to increase investment in infrastructure construction and accelerate the construction speed of the. With the increasing requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation, and the requirements for the quality and service life of the building itself, a number of new building materials products ushered in new opportunities for development. Among them, in the future will have a brilliant future of anti-corrosion coatings. 
Champoux Advisory Building materials industry analyst pointed out: anticorrosion coatings are generally divided into two kinds, the conventional anti-corrosion coatings is that under general conditions, the corrosion protection effect on metal, protection of nonferrous metals used life, heavy anti-corrosion coating is defined relative to conventional anti-corrosion coatings, can be in a relatively harsh environment application of corrosion, and has to achieve an anticorrosive coating than conventional anti-corrosion coatings for longer period of protection. 
Anticorrosive paint can be used for very large space. Relevant data shows, in our country every year only because of the metal material corrosion caused by the loss of up to 500000000000 Yuan, accounting for about 5% of gdp. At present, China''s anti-corrosion coating is mainly used in the chemical and petroleum industry, railway, highway bridges, metallurgical industry, power and energy industry, machinery and textile industries, industrial products, automobile, ship and container industry. With the continuous development of anticorrosion coating technology, its application field will continue to expand. It is expected that in 2015 China''s conventional anti-corrosion coatings, heavy anti-corrosion coating production will reach 3000000 tons and 1500000 tons, anticorrosive coating production reached 4500000 tons; to 2017 or up to 6000000 tons. 
Because of the application of anticorrosion coating surface is broad, the status of the industry is extremely important, but also have important significance to energy saving and emission reduction, the State encourages and supports the anticorrosion coating technology research and development, production. In anticorrosive coatings, conventional anti-corrosion coatings production at an average annual compound growth rate at around 40%, heavy anti-corrosion coating production at an average annual compound growth rate at around 18%, according to the national planning, the next 5 years production capacity of some conventional anti-corrosion coatings will turn to heavy anti-corrosion coating, and the anticorrosive coating production growth rate will remain at around 15%. 
Champoux consulting release "2014-2017 year China market analysis of anti-corrosion coatings and investment prospects report" shows: in the huge market demand and the support of state policies, anti-corrosion coatings, especially promising heavy anti-corrosion coatings in the future. Domestic enterprises should continue to strengthen the professional level of anticorrosive coating, provides the high quality product and perfect service, so as to make China stronger anticorrosive coatings industry. 
Conventional anti-corrosion coatings is in general conditions, to prevent corrosion action on metals and so on, the service life of the protection of the non-ferrous metal, now with the coating hair hot, is applied more and more in prevention of anticorrosive coating, future prospects unlimited.

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